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Summer has come, it’s hot and finding the best weight loss tips to burn those extra fats quickly is probably one of the first things that come to mind!

Despite it’s common to talk about “weight loss” tips, the truth is that, contrary to what most people think, losing weight is not the same as getting leaner! Although they go side by side, these concepts have some differences. Losing weight means to lower the numbers you see on the scale, without necessarily losing body mass. On the other hand, getting lean is related to the loss of any amount of body fat, without necessarily losing weight. Therefore, weight loss is not always healthy, whereas fat loss will not only lead to the loss or transformation of great amounts of fat but also ensure your health and aesthetics.

Weight loss tips - Xcore Nutrition athlete Olavo Ferreira

There are no miracle diets: those that promise unbelievable results in a few days are absolutely unhealthy methods and possibly the culprits for the “weight loss” I mentioned before. Then, it’s imperative to change the mindset and adopt healthier eating and exercising habits on a daily basis if you want a beautiful and, above all, healthy body. These healthy weight loss tips will help you start your journey on the right foot.

Weight loss tips to start off your diet re-education right now

1. Start practicing exercise

Following a proper diet and practicing physical exercise is the ideal combination for those wishing to shed weight, so, don’t refrain from exercising every day for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t have the time to go to the gym, go for a walk or other activity. Don’t make excuses! Do some exercise!

Weight loss and fat loss tips by Olavo Ferreira

2. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily

If you don’t have that habit yet, make it. Start by drinking 1 liter per day and gradually increase your intake. Always have a bottle of water at hand, so that you don’t risk forgetting it. You can also drink tea instead of water.

3. Eat 5 to 6 meals a day

Don’t go more than three hours without eating. Going without food for hours will make you binge in your next meal. Besides, eating every three hours makes your body metabolize the nutrients better.

4. Choose the right foods

For snacking, choose practical foods such as protein bars or desserts, fruits, smoothies, yogurts, vegetable drinks, etc. In the main meals, pick a food from each food group.

5. Keep variety in mind

Increase your intake of greens, veggies, and fruits, but don’t only eat from these food groups. Don’t forget about cereals, legumes, meats, and dairy.

6. Make smart substitutions

Substitute fatty sauces for light sauces, both in pasta dishes and in salad seasoning. Use herbs, olive oil, vinegar and a bit of salt more frequently.

Weight loss tips (spices) by Olavo Ferreira

7. Beware of certain foods

Avoid foods and drinks that can jeopardize your goal: fried foods (french fries, pastries, savory treats), fatty foods (fatty meat, chicken with the skin on, bacon, some canned foods), very elaborate desserts, soda, and alcoholic beverages.

8. Keep your meals simple

Opt for roasts, stews or grilled meals, simple dishes — the fewer ingredients they have, the lower in calories they will be.

Weight loss tips (food)

9. Mind your portions

Portion size, that’s the secret — this might be one of the most important weight loss tips. Decrease the amount of ingested food. Note that it doesn’t mean to starve yourself, but to eat the sufficient amount to curb your hunger. Moderation is key!

10. Find ways to relax

Here’s one of those weight loss tips that you don’t see very often: control your anxiety by practicing exercises or activities that please you the most; find a distraction or a hobby that makes you draw your attention away from food.

11. Get off the scale

Don’t weigh yourself every day — that isn’t necessary. Check only 1x a week and always on the same scale, wearing light clothes and preferably on an empty stomach.

12. Focus on what you have achieved

Instead of thinking about how many kilos you have to lose, celebrate what you have eliminated each week, even if you only lost a few grams. Think about how worse it’d be if you hadn’t eliminated anything or even gained weight. If you gained weight, however, review what you’ve done that week, see where you failed, and start off again on the next day.


Olavo Ferreira : Xcore Nutrition athlete

Olavo Ferreira


Olavo Ferreira has a degree on Sports and Leisure by the University Institute of Maia. He is the team manager of the VR Fitness gym, in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal. He is a two-time National Men’s Physique Champion of the IFBB Portugal. 

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