Xcore Nutrition Bikini Body Training Plan – Part 1

Striving for that perfect bikini body is all about balance and curves. This bikini body training plan is designed to help you to build curves in the right places whilst burning excess body fat and increasing your body confidence to feel like the beautiful woman that you are.

This plan is suitable for any woman! Beginners to advanced. What’s included in this plan?

Part 1 – 5 day weight training plan starting with definitions of gym terms
Part 2 – An overview of supplements and when to take them


Training Routine

Your 5 day weight training plan consists of 2 upper body workouts and 3 lower body workouts:

Day 1 – Glutes
Day 2 – Shoulders and triceps
Day 3 – Quads and calves
Day 4 – Back and biceps
Day 5 – Glutes and hamstrings


Your glutes (bum) are the biggest muscle in the body; great glutes and legs takes consistency, more training and training a bigger muscle burns more calories to help get that body fat down! The upper body workouts will concentrate on your back muscles and your shoulders to create a balanced and beautiful body shape.
You have 2 days per week that should be used to rest your body. Rest promotes recovery and muscle growth, which is key in any fitness process.

For a successful training regime, the plan should fit in to your life, not your life fitting in to the plan. Choose your days to train and rest that will suit you best.

1) Warm Up

It’s crucial that you warm up before each training session that you do, as this will prepare your body to work to its maximum potential and will help to prevent injuries.
Start each session by stretching your entire body. Keep your breathing calm and deep.

1. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart and lift both arms above your head reaching as high as you can to the sky and return. Complete x 10.

2. Stand with your legs as far apart as comfortable and hold both arms out to each side. Alternate moving your body to have your right hand to touch your right foot, then return to base and touch your left hand to your right foot. You may not be able to reach your foot to start with, rest your hand on your shin or where is comfortable to you whilst feeling the stretch. Complete x 5 each side, holding each stretch for 2 breaths.

3. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Keep your hips facing forward and rotate your upper body from side to side. Keep your arms relaxed and swinging. Complete 20 in total.

In addition to the above, start each of your lower body workouts with the following glute activation exercises and repeat 3 times:

1. Wide leg body weight squats x 20
2. Donkey kicks x 20 per leg



2) Workouts

Start with a comfortable weight and you are encouraged to increase the weights each week – go as heavy as possible! The more you work your muscles (the heavier the weight) the more fat and calories you will burn. You should aim to rest for no more than 1 minute between each set to ensure your heart rate stays high.


Repetitions/reps – the amount of times you should complete the exercise in one go, for example 20. Once completed you rest and then repeat.

Set – if you complete x amount of repetitions of one exercise this is classed as 1 set. For example, if you were to complete 4 sets you would complete 4 x 20.

Superset – complete 1 set of each exercise immediately after the other, then rest and repeat.

Day 1 – Glutes

  1. Barbell Sumo Squats – 4 x 20
  2. Walking lunges – 4 x 20 (10 per leg)
  3. Leg Press (Wide leg stance) – 4 x 15
  4. Hip adductors superset with hip abductors – 3 x 15

Day 2 – Shoulders & Triceps

  1. Seated shoulder press using barbell/dumbbell – 4 x 20
  2. Side raises superset with front raises using dumbbell – 4 x 15
  3. Dumbbell tricep kickbacks – 3 x 15
  4. Rear delt cable pull/machine – 4 x 20

Day 3 – Quads & Calves

  1. Leg extension – 4 x 20
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat – 4 x 20 (each leg)
  3. Smith machine squats (feet hip width apart) – 4 x 15
  4. Dumbbell step ups 3 x 25 each leg superset with body weight squats x 15
  5. Calve raises (seated or standing) – 4 x 25

Day 4 – Back & Biceps

  1. Wide grip lat pull down superset with dumbbell bicep curl – 4 x 20
  2. Seated row – 4 x 20
  3. Single arm dumbbell row – 4 x 15 each arm
  4. Narrow, underhand grip lat pull down – 4 x 15
  5. Heavy barbell rack pulls – 4 x 10

Day 5 – Glutes & Hamstrings

  1. Sumo deadlift – 4 x 15
  2. Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) – 4 x 15
  3. Laying hamstring curl – 4 x 15
  4. Leg press: narrow high stance – 4 x 15
  5. Seated hamstring curl (squeeze for 2 seconds on each rep) – 4 x 15


Written by Xcore Athlete Amy-Marie Williams



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