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What is “technique”?

The concept of “technique” can be perceived as a method used to perform or complete a task. In sports, “technique” can be defined in the following way: the manner and ability with which athletes employ their skills and knowledge to carry out a specific task or exercise.

Technique and proper form are especially important when performing a Cross Training workout, because they are the base for all exercises, from the snatch to the clean and deadlift. Even when you’re rowing, you must apply proper technique. Muscle-ups, dips, pull-ups (butterfly and kipping), rope climbing, running, wall-balls, all of these are exercises absolutely require the right technique and form.

Technique in cross training

How to improve technique

You must follow a method to improve your technique, that is, a systematic way of going through the exercise, which means arranging these movements in a logical order, usually structured in steps. For example, there are situations where athletes find it harder to execute a specific part of an exercise. Breaking down that exercise into steps and working on the steps that challenge you the most is a method to improve the overall execution of the exercise.

Benefits of a proper technique

Olympic Weightlifting is one of the sports where technique is more scrutinized. And, as we all know, Cross Training includes several movements drawn from Olympic Weightlifting. Knowing that the better your technique is, the better your execution will be, and knowing technique is the procedure followed to accomplish a specific task, we can determine better technique leads to more efficiency, which, ultimately, results in improved performance.

A better technique also helps enhance intensity. Cross training is a sport and a training system at the same time. These aspects include movements that work both as training tools and testing tools. Athletes must use both these tools extensively to improve their results. Failing to develop these tools will probably result in lack of intensity, in lack of results in competitions, and even in injuries.

Before you start adding plates to the barbell, make sure you develop your technique first. Try training with nothing but the barbell first, to memorize and perfect the movement — this is a great way to get the technique down and prepare your body to perform the exercise.

The technique is the path that will lead you to better PRs, higher intensity, and rewarding results, whereas poor technique puts your health, your progress and your evolution at risk.

Work on your technique first; you’ll thank yourself for it later.


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