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Starting off your supplement regime can be a daunting place to be! There are so many different things available on the market these days so how do you know where to start? Whey, casein, creatine, omegas, aminos, glutamine, carnitine, ZMAs – what do they even mean?

Below you will find my perfect ‘start up’ guide to using supplements and how they will benefit you.

Supplement Start Up Guide

For anyone starting out these are my four ‘can’t live without’ supplements! They are recommended as a good place to start and will aid your overall health and wellbeing and help you on the road to achieving your ideal bikini body


1. Multivitamin

Each morning I start the day by taking XCORE Multicore Multivitamin.

Why? It is essential for our body to get all the nutrients it needs to perform to its best ability. In extreme cases, our body with a nutrient deficit won’t function properly. Not only is this important for our fitness, but even more so for our general health and wellbeing. I use a multivitamin with over 60 active ingredients to ensure I am as healthy as I can be, and to aid me to build a strong physique, both inside and out!


2. Branch Chain Amino Acids

Intra-training, I drink XCORE BCAA 8:1:1 Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Why? Known casually as ‘aminos’ or ‘BCAAs’, this is a supplement that I will not train without. Aminos are found within our body and play a big part in transporting the protein in our blood stream. When lifting weights, you are putting stress on your muscles, you want them to become bigger and stronger for that overall lean and toned look which is where the help of extra amino acids comes in – this ensures the proteins in your blood stream get to where they need to be; your muscles! I choose the powder form as you can get a variety of different flavours which taste good and clench my thirst when training.


3.Whey Protein Shake

Post weight training, I take an XCORE 100% Whey Hydro Isolate Protein Shake.

Why? Immediately after completing a workout is when your body (and muscles) are in most need for the right nutrients to recover and repair. A quick source of protein is the perfect option and that’s exactly what a whey protein shake does. Quick absorbing protein getting to my muscles fast and the sweet flavours are like a well-earned treat after a hard workout! Chocolate being my ultimate favourite! The XCORE whey also includes the complex DigeZyme; a blend of digestive enzymes which help break protein down during digestion, enhancing the utilisation by your body. DigeZyme also helps keep bloating at bay, perfect for the bikini body!
Another source of protein available is casein which releases protein into your body over a longer period than whey protein, making whey my go to starter protein supplement.


4. Omega 3

After dinner, I take the supplement XCORE Omega 3 1000.

Why? Omega 3 has extremely beneficial actions on health in general; it promotes cardiovascular health, reduces blood cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure, improves cerebral and digestive functions, and boosts the immune system. This is a supplement that I take every single day, training or no training and have had part of my routine for several years, even before my training progressed to bodybuilding style weights. One of the main reasons I personally take Omega 3 is for its natural anti-inflammatory effects throughout the whole body, again less bloating and swelling is exactly what we want for this bikini body!

So there you have it! A fitness plan to get you started. Just remember, no ‘body’ is the same. You’re an individual and beautiful so build a body to make you happy and not others!


Written by Xcore Athlete Amy-Marie Williams



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