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Xcore Nutrition decided to go further. That is why we have created this limited edition of the XCESS Black Toning Cream – a powerful reducing cream which erases fat from the outside to the inside in located areas. XCESS Black Toning Cream avoids stretch marks, tones the skin, but, most importantly, increases irrigation in difficult areas such as arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The action of the XCESS Black Toning Cream gets to hard-to-reach adipocytes, definitely destroying fat tissue that was accumulated throughout the years.

How does the XCESS Black Toning Cream work?

This reducing and reaffirming cream penetrates within the skin layers and promotes vasodilatation, causing our blood vessels to widen up, getting closer to the skin’s surface. This process causes the fatty tissues to be drawn to blood stream more quickly, being eliminated in the process.

XCESS Black Toning Cream was strengthened with active and reaffirming vegetable compounds, with hydrating properties, which make this exclusive product a powerful ally in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

XCESS Black Toning Cream’s main benefits:

• Speeds up the fat elimination process
• Eliminates localized fat deposits
• Avoids stretch marks
• Effectively fights cellulite
• Toning and reaffirming
• Hydrating
• Anti-aging

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