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A kettlebell is a great tool for training. It can be used for strength training as well as conditioning workouts. You can use this bell for all kind of strength exercises, replacing the classic dumbells to have different stimuli; but there are also some classic kettlebells strength tests such as military press, pistol squat with a kettlebell or the Turkish get-up. A good level of strength is when you are able to do the previous kettlebell exercises with weights higher than 50% of your bodyweight. For example, my best results in these are 52 kg in military press, 68 kg in pistol squat and 80 kg in Turkish get-up, when my bodyweight was 99 kg. So I’m the living proof that strength training with kettlebells is effective. On the other hand, kettlebells are perfect for conditioning workouts because of their construction, which allows performing ballistic movements such as the kettlebell swing, kettlebell snatch or kettlebell clean and jerk. These movements burn a lot of calories during conditioning.

In this article, I will give you an example of a kettlebell training program that will help you in both strength and conditioning, building brutal strength and burning a lot of fat during one training session.

Kettlebell workout: 10 000 swings

All of 10 000 kettlebell swings of this kettlebell workout need to be done in 20 training sessions, so there will be 500 swings in one training session.

Lastly, you should do at least 3 training sessions per week, preferably 4 in one week, with 2 days in, one off, 2 days in, 2 off. This kettlebell workout routine looks like the following:

Kettlebell workout routine

Exercise Reps
Swings 10
X – strength exercise 5
Swings 15
X – strength exercise 3
Swings 25
X -strength exercise 1
Swings 50


You should perform 5 sets of above.

The X in the plan is a strength exercise. In this case, you can choose any strength exercise you want with kettlebells or barbell. For sets of 5 reps, you should use a weight around 70-75% of your 1 Rep Max (1RM). For sets of 3, you should use something around 80-85% 1RM and for sets of 1, the weight should be around 90-95% 1RM.

Standard weight for the swings is a 24 kg kettlebell for men and a 16 kg for women. You can take it lighter if you are a beginner athlete. After 2-5 training sessions, you can increase the weight of the kettlebell by 4 kg. The height of the Swings should be kept at somewhere between chest-eye level. Try to do them unbroken.

Sample session of this Kettlebell workout

Exercise Reps
Kettlebell swings (24kg) 10
Kettlebell double military press 70-75% 1RM 5
Kettlebell swings (24kg) 15
Kettlebell double military press 80-85% 1RM 3
Kettlebell swings 25 kg 25
Kettlebell double military press 90-95% 1RM 1
Kettlebell swings 50


The last time I was doing this program, I started the swings with 24kg KB and finished with a 60 kg KB. At the end of the program, I PR’ed in the exercises I did between swings. In the end, my grip was much stronger, which helped me in many cross training exercises. If you are a Cross training athlete, I recommend you to try this kettlebell training program. Swings definitely will strengthen your glutes as well, so they also help in getting stronger in weightlifting and powerlifting lifts.

Good luck and have fun.


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