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Before I entered the powerlifting world and became known as the “Muscle Barbie”, I had to deal with other people’s judgment and side-eye whenever I hit the gym. I was very thin and wanted to become stronger, but not everyone supported me in my goal; rather, they kept saying this sport wasn’t for girls. It was difficult to deal with this social opinion at a young age, but years later here I am, a powerlifting champ, proving them all wrong.

The role of nutrition for success

Nutrition played and still plays an important part in my progress. My diet is key to improve my performance and put PRs on the platform.

To ensure I get every nutrient I need, I follow a balanced diet with a variety of food sources and address any deficiency with the right supplements. Depending on specific goals, I add other ingredients such as BCAA, CLA or a pre-workout formula.

Below I show you what my typical day looks like when it comes to food and supplements. However, keep in mind that this diet and supplement plan was drawn-up based on my fitness goals and individual characteristics.

Julia Vins aka Muscle barbie - Xcore Nutrition Supplements

What Julia Vins usually eats in a day

Meal 1

Meal 2

  • 100g of chicken breast, 50g of rice and vegetables

Meal 3

  • 100g of chicken breast, 50g of buckwheat and vegetables

Pre-workout shake

Meal 4

Meal 5

  • 100g of fish, 50g of buckwheat, and vegetables

Bedtime shake

Julia Vins’s favorite Xcore Nutrition supplements

Julia Vins (Muscle Barbie) favorite BCAA supplement by Xcore Nutrition

Starting with the basics, my multivitamin of choice is the super concentrated Multicore. Besides providing all essential vitamins and minerals, it offers essential amino acids and a digestive enzyme complex. Another basic supplement I use is the Krill Omega 3, which includes all types of omega there are!

Protein powders are another staple in every athlete’s pantry. I like milk proteins because they are a complete source of essential amino acids. I use the 100% Whey Hydro Isolate after my training session and the Xtreme Casein before going to bed.

To boost my intake of the essential branched-chain amino acids, I also take the BCAA 8:1:1, especially before and after the workout.

Because I want to always give my best at my workouts, I like to use a powerful pre-workout supplement. The N.O. Shox is the supplement I use now, it gives extreme pump and energy and improves my focus.

Lastly, there is the CLA Tonalin. CLA actually does more than help to lose fat — it helps to keep muscle too, especially when we are in a calorie deficit, so it is useful for gaining lean mass.


Julia Vins


Julia Vins got into powerlifting when she was 15, which was not popular and everyone looked at her strangely in the gym. She was very thin and wanted to become stronger. People often said that this is not for girls and that she should not do it. It was difficult…

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