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What about crushing your WODs instead of having your WODs crushing you? Sounds good? Just follow my five rules and you will be good to go.

5 rules to crush any WOD

1) Don’t add up your total reps

One of the advantages of Cross Training is the way every WOD is described on the whiteboard: “3 sets of 20 repetitions for each of the 10 exercises” surely sounds easier than “six hundred reps.” So leave the maths aside and only count your reps per set.

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2) Keep note of your sets

It’s surely happened to you before: you are in the middle of your WOD when you wonder if you were going for the 8th set or if you just did the 8th set. It’s really easy to lose count of how many sets you’ve already done, especially in AMRAP WODs.

When it happens to you more than once in a single WOD, it can lead to one of two things:

  1. You did more sets than those you counted, which leaves a sense of frustration and makes you think you did better before.
  2. You did fewer sets than those you counted and, in this case, your coach, all community, and even you think you’re the next Fittest on Earth.

Both possibilities are unwanted for your progress, so keep note of your sets.

3) Write down your results

Get a logbook, where you can record every WOD you do and your results. It will be your reward after your workout: your reminder of a “Mission Accomplished.”

Your log will give you the motivation to go for better results in the next WOD, especially on those last two reps to finish the set.

Besides, you’ll feel victorious at the end of the workout by writing down your achievements.

4) Don’t get “creative” with your reps

When I say don’t get creative, I mean… don’t cheat. Two of the most important rules in Cross Training state the following: “leave your ego at the door” and “don’t cheat your rep counts.”

So don’t say you did more sets than those you actually did just because you don’t want to look bad before the others. You’ll be disrespecting your community and fooling yourself into believing you achieve something that you didn’t. Also, do you really want to have a sleepless night for not telling the truth? Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is essential for you to recover end get to the next level.

Cross training rules and performance for any WOD

5) Eat clean and take supplements if necessary

When you’re training like a warrior, you can’t eat like a child. It is essential to make sure your body gets enough energy to fuel your workouts by choosing the right foods for your needs.

Supplementation is a resource you shouldn’t be afraid to use. Whey protein, omega-3 fatty acids or a multivitamin are some examples of supplements that can help you do more, get better results, and recover more easily between WODs.

Now, it’s time to follow these rules and crush your WODs.


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