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Visiting a box for the first time? If you want to show up as someone who did their homework, in this article, I teach you 5 things about cross training that you should know beforehand.

1 – You will see very few machines.

The moment you enter a box, you’ll notice it’s nothing like your conventional gym: instead of your usual weight training machines, you’ll find barbells, plates, iron structures, ropes, kettlebells… and a whiteboard for the WOD! You will see some cardio machines, though,  such as the air bike or the rower.

5 Cross Training facts for beginners - Xcore Nutrition

2 – You will probably hear some language that may seem inappropriate

Don’t be shocked if you listen to things like  “Yesterday, Bob and I did Fran, twice!”, “Your snatch is amazing!”, “God, I hate Cindy!”, “I love Murph!” (actually, you won’t hear anyone saying this last one). In time, you’ll learn the lingo and how to decipher these sentences.

3 – You will become a professional decoder

If you read on the whiteboard or hear someone say “WOD 06.08.18: 10′ AMRAP, 5 MU, 10 HSPU, 20 DU”, don’t panic! In this sport, we use lots of acronyms to shorten the names of routines and exercises. It may take a few weeks until you get them all right, but it won’t be that hard to learn.

4 – You will learn that it’s not all about “beating the time”.

Proper technique is the foundation of everything, not the chronometer! You may end up doing several different movements in one training session, and it’s important we do them right, especially when if you add weights. Your coach will teach you everything you need to know. Then always bear in mind that technique comes first, then you improve your speed.

Cross training tips for beginners - Xcore nutrition

5 – You will be challenging yourself and yourself only

The community in Cross Training boxes is one of the best parts of the sport, and they will be there to support you throughout the workout. Remember they once were in your shore and that their evolution didn’t come overnight, so be patient and don’t try too hard to compete and keep up with them — you should try to improve your results instead and enjoy the game in the meantime!

So here’s the heads-up for all of you Cross Training Beginners out there. Enjoy your first time at the box! And before leaving the house, say out loud “I love Murph” — it will probably be the only and last time you’ll ever say it.


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Ľudovít Czókoly started in sports with bodybuilding, callisthenics, and gymnastics. He then got into Cross training in 2013. Fours years later, he qualified for the Crossfit Games Regionals, managing to make a huge progress in a short time.

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