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Vacation season is here and I bet all you think about is lying on the sand, sunbathing for hours, going for a swim from time to time — in short, enjoying your well-deserved rest. And you should rest, of course, but being on vacation must not be an excuse to completely give up your physical activities, and believe me, the context can be pretty useful to boost the effects of your regular workouts, let’s say, a bodyweight workout.

Summer invites to outdoor activities and exercising should be no exception. So to help you achieve a toned and sculpted body without leaving the beach, here is my suggestion for an effective body weight routine — and the perfect workout to do when following my 12 weight loss tips.

bodyweight workout

Beach bodyweight workout

This full body weight routine follows a superset format for the first 5 exercise combinations, where you perform a set of the first exercise, then go right into a set of the second exercise, then rest; then you repeat this sequence until you complete the prescribed sets. Supersets are one of the best methods to increase intensity when you’re doing body weight exercises.

To finish up this bodyweight workout, you have to do two more exercises for the abs, and you’re done. A simple, but not an easy routine for your vacation days at the beach.

Let’s do this!

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Wide push-up
Close push-up
3 15
Bench dips (elbows close to the body)
Air squat
3 15
Jumping jacks
Alternating jump lunges
3 15
Bulgarian split squat
Jump squat
3 15
90º degree crunch
Reverse crunch
3 20
Cross-body crunch 3 20
Plank 3 50 sec


bodyweight workout


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Olavo Ferreira


Olavo Ferreira has a degree on Sports and Leisure by the University Institute of Maia. He is the team manager of the VR Fitness gym, in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal. He is a two-time National Men’s Physique Champion of the IFBB Portugal. 

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