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We are just a few days away from the most competitive time of the year! No, I’m not talking about the Games; I’m talking about Black Friday!

Shoppers running and stumbling from store to store, scrambling on top of each other for the last item on the shelf. The endless waiting in line. And finally, the prize! Unless you have already succumbed to the wonders of quiet, peaceful online shopping, I’ve just described what you are used to bearing up through Black Friday sales.

And because I’m a considerate guy, I created a WOD that will get you all geared up for what’s coming. Brace yourselves!

Black Friday Survival WOD

25’ EMOM:

  • 20 Box Step-ups
  • 4x10m DB Walking Lunges
  • 2x 10m Two DB Waiter’s Walk
  • 8x 10m Shuttle Sprint Burpee
  • Rest

Why will it help you?

Box Step-ups – You won’t tremble at the sight of stairs.

How many stairs will you encounter during your trip to the mall? As the elevators will be crammed with shoppers, many flights of stairs will surely await you — a more laden you, nonetheless. So climb that box (with heavy dumbbells, if possible).

Cross Training WOD - Box step-up

DB Walking Lunges – Dodge through the crowds while carrying your bags

Escaping a crowd is no easy task, especially if you are laden with bags. Lunging is the first step to duck and weave through the crowd. Add some weights to the picture, and you’ll be prepared to do it after grabbing dozens of shopping bags.

Two DB Waiter’s Walk – Standing in line will be a breeze

Waiting in lines is a pain, but waiting while hunching over is worse. Keep your back straight and your core tight while walking with two dumbbells above your head. Then try to maintain that upright position along the line (ok, there you can hold your bags down).

Shuttle Sprint Burpee – Run for that last item on the shelf

Black Friday means not only deals and steals, but also limited stocks. Sprinting can help you get what you want while stock lasts; even better, to get it before slower shoppers! To add a little more conditioning to the exercise, the dreaded burpee! Do not panic, it will come in handy when you are on your hundredth sprint of the day.

WOD for Black Friday - Cross Training


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