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Maxime Parisi

location_on France

  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: OFF 93kg / ON 86kg
  • Age: 29
  • Activity: Bodybuilding


"My first goal for 2018 is to win a Pro Show to qualify for Olympia Vegas. My second goal is to achieve an incredible performance at the Ninja Warrior 2018 TV show. Overall, my goal has always been to be the a complete athlete, the one who can do it all, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also when it comes to strength, flexibility, and agility. And, of course, to be the world top of the IFBB Professional League."

What Motivates You

"Being the best in what I do, I love the competition. To me, the sport is innate, I never question myself, I follow my instincts. I do my best to inspire my fans so that they can relate to me. I want to be a model of perseverance for them."


Maxime Parisi is an incorrigible sportsman since his youngest years. He was already a daredevil when he was young and practised many sports: gymnastics, football, kickboxing, parkour, street workout and a lot of rugby. His parents always encouraged him to surpass himself. He tried everything before finding his own way.

He started bodybuilding when he was around 16-17 years old, which was essential for an athletic life, with the goal of aesthetics, health and performance.

In 2014, when he met his coach Arnaud Plaisant, former athlete IFBB Pro in over 212, he started competing. Everything happened very quickly, but now he’s where he is thanks to him and his teachings.Maxime is in the Men’s Physique category because he loves the image that it represents. He loves the scene and is ready to become a fitness icon, keeping his goal in mind — to win!



1st France Cup IFBB

1st France Apollon WFF

1st Musclemania

2nd Ripert Body Show WFF


2nd Vice World Champion IFBB

2nd Arnold Classic Europe IFBB

4th European Championship IFBB

1st France Championship IFBB


Top 5 San Marino Pro IFBB

1st Olympia Spain Amateur IFBB

1st Diamond Cup IFBB


7th place San Marino Pro IFBB

8th place Arnold Classic Pro IFBB


Meal 1
- 3g Xcore Nutrition Creatine
- 1 cap multivitamin Xcore Nutrition Multicore
- 100g oatmeal
- 50g Xcore Nutrition Whey (Chocolate)
Meal 2
- 30g Whey Xcore Nutrition (Chocolate)
- 30g Oat bran
- 20g almonds
- 1 banana
Meal 3
- 150g brown rice
- 250g steak
- Green vegetables
- 1 tbsp olive oil
Meal 4
- 1 XTRACORE bar
- 30g oat bran
- 20g almonds
Meal 5
- 150g sweet potatoes
- 200g chicken
- Green vegetables
- 1 tbsp olive oil
Meal 6
- 200g white cheese 0%
- 30g Xcore Nutrition Whey (Chocolate)
- 2 caps Xcore Nutrition Omega 3
- 1 caps Xcore Nutrition ZMAN
- 5 caps Xcore Nutrition BCAA
Post Workout
- 5g Xcore Nutrition Creatine
- 5 caps Xcore Nutrition BCAA
- 2 tbsp applesauce
Back / Biceps / abs
Chest / Triceps
Legs / Calves
Chest / Abs
Shoulders / Back
Free Time Activities / cardio
Rest Day

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