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Marthin Hamlet

location_on Norway

  • Height: 187cm
  • Weight: 100kgs
  • Activity: Combat Sports


My goal is to make it to the UFC and get a high rank. That’s the biggest organization in the world and I want to compete with the best.

What Motivates You

Well, a lot of things do. But first of all, I was very close to make it to the olympics in RIO (wrestling), but I was not motivated to keep on with wrestling for Olympics 2020. I needed something new and bigger. I wake up every day so happy that I changed to MMA. It’s never too late to follow your passion. I love to learn and develop, and see that hard work pays off. 

Marthin Hamlet's Selection


I’m a former World and European medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling. After the Olympic qualification in April 2016, I went from wrestling to professional MMA. Besides my sport career, I really love to travel with my family and explore new places.


Breakfast - Meal 1:
3 eggs, 100 g Norwegian salmon and 150 g Oatmeal
Supplements: 2 Omega3 softgels, 2 multivitamin tabs, 2 Acai berry caps

Before first workout: 1 scoop BCAA 8:1:1
Directly after workout: 1 scoop BCAA 8:1:1

Lunch - Meal 2:
250 g meat, 100 g rice and vegetables
+ Protein Shake (20 g)

Dinner - Meal 3:
250 g fish or chicken with potatoes and vegetables

Before second workout: 2 fruit servings + 1 shake protein
Supplements: 2 beta alanine tabs

Meal 4: Oatmeal 100 g 
Supplements: 2 ZMA tabs, 1 scoop of L-glutamine

Session 1: Grappling
Session 2: Conditioning ( 8 km run)

Session 1: MMA Sparring

Session 1: Boxing
Session 2: Strength training ( programming depends on which training periods I’m in)

Session 1: Sparring kickboxing
Session 2: Conditioning

Session 1: Wrestling
Session2: Sometimes, easy boxing drills

Session 1: Strength training

Sunday: just walking and recovering

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