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Marta Monteiro - Xcore Nutrition Athlete

Marta Monteiro

location_on Portugal

  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Age: 22
  • Activity: Cross Training


Going to the Crossfit Games.

What Motivates You

My motivations are mainly to prove myself that I can do it, to see my full potential. I also want to inspire people to be better."

Marta Monteiro's Selection


Marta Monteiro is a 22-year-old athlete who’s been competing in Crossfit for more than four years. She is also a full-time Biology student.



4th place – Manz Cross Games


3rd place Promofit Games

2nd place Community Summer Games

8th place Spanish Throwdown


1st place Battle of Coimbra (Mixed pairs)

2nd place Community Summer Games

1st place Ultimate Power Fitness Games (Pairs)

3rd place Trail Run Ericeira


1st place Promofit Games (Teams)

1st place Weightlifting Initiation Tournament (cat. 63kgs)

2º lugar Manz Cross Games 2018

5th place Roma Throwdown

1st place Battle of Coimbra

2nd place French Throwdown (Teams)

1st place Sunset Run Vila do Conde (8km)

2nd place BioRace 2018

1st place Ultimate Power Fitness Games (Duplas) 2018

1st place Open Universitário Halterofilismo 2018


I take 4 full meals on a regular training day, and 2 shakers.

- Breakfast is usually chicken breats or eggs, with veggies, one slice of wholewheat bread, oatmeal with fruit topped with almond butter. (18p/50c/7.5f)

- A intra workout shake for my first session with whey protein, maltodextrin and creatine.

- Lunch is usually meat or fish with rice, pasta or potatoes, with veggies. Some kind of fat and fruit. (18p/60c/7.5f))

- Mind afternoon meal is usually very similar to breakfast
and for dinner, the same as lunch but with less carbs, depending on my training.

- And casein or yogurth before bed.

My favourite training hours are first thing in the morning and then after lunch.

My trainings are a bit of everything, since I compet in Crossfit, but depending on the time of the year, they can be compoused of some more specific work, like mostly weightlifting, mostly running, mostly gymnasctics, etc…or more Crossfit style workouts.

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