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Maria Paulette

location_on Spain

  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Age: 29
  • Activity: Bodybuilding


"I love this sport and these days I live it as a lifestyle, and I work every day to improve and achieve new goals so that I keep on progressing in my career as an international athlete. "

What Motivates You

"In my perspective, there’s no doubt that there is no bigger motivation than yourself. Looking to exceed yourself every day, seeing yourself improve, fighting for growing at a personal level, and going through each day successfully make me feel proud of myself, which motivates me to keep fighting and showing myself that I can and that I only have to focus on myself and on what I’m capable of accomplishing."


Passionate about sports since a very young age, Maria Paulette has been living a very active lifestyle at a physical level, both in sports and dance-related activities. She studied different dance styles and took up dancing as a profession. Over time, she put dancing a bit aside, since she couldn’t devote much time to it because of her academic career. Then, she got more interested in sports, such as competitive Fitness, and she understood that, with a proper diet and by following a daily workout plan, she could achieve her goals, as well as improve hersports performance and physical condition. After great effort comes great reward, and after 4 years doing this, she accomplished the dream of every athlete: to become a professional athlete and making a living by doing what she loves.

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