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Artur Saladiak

location_on Poland

  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Age: 27
  • Activity: Combat Sports


Defending the world title, getting a world title in Muay Thai and fighting in Glory.
Being the best fighter in the world.

What Motivates You

My family keeps me motivated, I want to be a good role model for my brother and sister.
I want everyone to be proud of me.
I can't stop until I'm the best.


Artur Saladiak is a professional fighter and Lethwei light middleweight world champion. He fights in Muay Thai, K1 and Lethwei, and is ranked no 5 in the Uk at 72.5kg. He love fighting sports and pushes himself to be the best he can be.



UK ranked fighter.


World Lethwei champion.


His diet stays the same.
He eats clean high protein foods.
Fish or chicken with salad, and a lot of eggs. He stays away from potatoes and pasta, except for a treat.
During the fight camp, he eats 3 meals, 2 light meals and 1 larger one after training; in the last week, he cuts them down, so he has 3 small sized meals.
Because he’s training all the time, he likes to keep everything the same, so he doesn’t let himself go to the dark side too often. If he doesn’t have a fight for a while after a fight, he takes a week off and eats chocolate.

Gym work, shoulders and triceps. 1 hour. Then 2 hours of Muay Thai training and sparring.


Cardio 8k run, 3 hours Muay Thai and clinch sparring.


Legs with tons of squats, goblet squats and explosive work. Followed by 2 hours Muay Thai pads


8k run 2 hours of Thai with sparring.


Core workout in the gym, cable rotations, ball slams, plank, anything that works on functional movements one would use in a fight, then one hour of training just some pads and speed work.


A gentle run and 2 hours Thai, just techniques and gentle sparring.


Swimming and relaxing with the family.

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