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André Fialho - Xcore Nutrition athlete

André Fialho

location_on Portugal

  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Age: 24
  • Activity: Combat Sports


Being the best fighter of all time.

What Motivates You

"Myself. The man I’ve always dreamt and wanted to become."


André Fialho is a professional fighter. His first fight was in amateur boxing, and he went out to be the regional and national champion. He then started to follow another path professionally, in MMA. Since then, he is 9-1-0 (victory/defeat/draw) and fights in Bellator MMA.



Boxing Regional Champion


Boxing National Champion

Cage Fighters Lightweight Tournament Champion

First Portuguese to fight in Bellator MMA


Shake (100% Whey Hydro Isolate Xcore + Glutamine Powder Xcore + Creatine Micronized Xcore + 1 banana + 6 strawberries + coconut water +almond butter + honey + 3 eggs)
Salad + meat + olive oil + rice + vegetables
Afternoon meal
Oats + 1 banana + peanut butter + 1 egg white
Chicken + sweet potato + salad + vegetables

My training is based on Striking, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and performance. In Striking, we have a lot of variables, such as boxing, muay-thai, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, and many more. So I have a weekly schedule where we try to get the best out of my body, where my technique, resistance, reflexes, shape, and my mindset are at their best. It’s a combination of factors that will have an impact on my performance, that’s where we work as a team. Because behind all of this, I need a team, I surely can’t do it by myself.

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