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It all began with a purpose: to build a sports community driven to go beyond hardcore for their goals. And that was the first step to found what we believe is the ultimate sports nutrition brand: Xcore Nutrition. Then, our mission became clear: to revolutionize sports nutrition for hardcore athletes by creating cutting-edge formulas and performance tools for them to achieve their goals to the fullest and beyond.

Over the years, we have witnessed a sustained annual growth of 50% and earned the trust of more than 500.000 customers. We now have a vast network of online and offline retailers around the world, including PROZIS, an online store catering to more than 100 countries. And you can find our products on large online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Tmall.

Building the Xcore community

But our mission is about far more than creating sports nutrition products. To build the sports community we want, we knew that we had to partner with institutions and individuals who shared our vision. Today, we sponsor sporting events, from competitions to seminars, and have a team of athletes, coaches and like-minded enthusiasts — the #XcoreTeam. Together, we share knowledge and motivation to those wanting to go beyond hardcore for their goals, our community.

Because a community is based on connection, we joined popular online social platforms where our team and our followers can foster a close relationship. Whether it is through live streamings or a music playlist, our community has the chance to interact and learn from each other. The articles on our website are there for the same reason: to share the training and nutritional know-how of professional athletes and experienced individuals to help others achieve their own goals.

Whether you are looking to increase your strength, your stamina or your speed; whether you want to build muscle or lose fat; whether you are a bodybuilder, a cross-training athlete or a fighter, Xcore Nutrition will surely make you go beyond hardcore!


Our commitments



We want you to succeed, so we work to provide you not only with the best, most innovative products but also with knowledge bases to put you at the top of your game.



We know you must be the best and will settle for nothing less, so we design products that combine the most researched ingredients in effective formulas and produce them in certified manufacturing facilities to guarantee the highest quality standard.



We listen to the feedback from the professional athletes who collaborate with us so that we can continuously improve every formula and achieve perfection.



We focus on launching new products regularly to keep up with the latest advances and breakthroughs in the sports nutrition field.

Our numbers

A sustained annual growth of 50%

Xcore Nutrition supplements - products

More than 60 products

Xcore Nutrition - Certified supplements

Own certified manufacturing facilities

Xcore Nutrition - Supplements for hardcore athletes - Retailers

Retailers in more than 30 countries

Xcore Nutrition supplements for hardcore athletes

More than 500.000 customers around the world

Xcore Nutrition : Supplements for sponsored athletes

More than 70 sponsored athletes

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